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Chemical Skin Peel Treatments


Pigmentation can appear on our face and chest which can result in an ageing appearance. This may occur due to hormones, sun damage or the natural ageing process. IPL can be used to treat the unwanted pigmentation and a course of up to 3 treatments may be required at least 4 weeks apart. Any type of mole cannot be treated with IPL.

If you are not suitable for this treatment an assessment will be carried out to see if a course of chemical peels will be effective for removal or reduction of your pigmentation. A stronger peel in this instance would be necessary and a course of 4 peels would be recommended 7 days apart.

woman having chemical skin peel


Acne can be a debilitating condition for people of all ages. Treatments that can be purchased over the counter do not work for everyone and whilst they contain ingredients that are proven to work in such conditions they are not available in such a strength that is required for effective clearance.

Your GP can prescribe oral medication for you in the form of antibiotics to help treat the condition. Topical creams can also be used at the same time but do not always treat the marks that are sometimes left. Treatments such as chemical peels can treat the effects of acne, such as reducing scarring, pigmentation and shortening the duration of inflammation.

SMOOTH Medical can perform a series of chemical peels, IPL or a course of dermaroller treatments to reduce any associated scarring. Four to six treatments may be necessary although you will be informed of the required number of treatments during your consultation with Tracy.

Acne Scarring

Scarring from acne can occur through picking or squeezing spots or just simply through the skin healing itself after a break out. These scars often cannot be concealed with make up so they can have a psychological effect on the sufferer. Dermaroller treatments aim to produce collagen which will fill out these scars naturally. With the deep pick axe scarring a deeper roller or derma stamp can be used to further concentrate on this area.

Facial Lines

These lines can appear anywhere on the face, nose to mouth, between the brows, above the lip or on the cheek area. They are caused by a loss of collagen, elastin fibres and hyaluronic acid within the skin. A number of treatments including chemical skin peels can effectively treat these lines including Dermaroller and Dermal Fillers

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