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Doctors and botox ban…

12th July 2012

Monday 9th July 2011 was a day the nation saw jaws dropping, sharp intakes of breath, a shocked community plus a string of loyal nurses banding together screaming “unfair set up” when Dr Mark Harrison was exposed on one of his training courses advising nurses to break the law when it comes to botox administration.  Many people did not know there were any laws… it’s the prescription only medicine (POM) legislation where it states POMs prescribed for one person should only be used on that person, POMs should be dispensed from a prescription Read the rest of this entry »

Is it better to buy cheap?

12th July 2012

The pull of cheap deals gets everyone excited, £12 for shellac on a well known discount website when it should cost at least £45… bargain price all round but what is the quality like? If it takes up to 2 hours to do this treatment is the treatment giver going to want to spend the same amount of time and care when only earning around £6, £3 an hour is less than minimum wage and you have to even take the cost of the products out of that.

So how is this related to botox? Consumers generally love a bargain, I know I do, but we should always have quality of service in mind at all times. I get many calls asking if I will price match… £165 for 3 areas… there’s two of us will you do it for £200… can I have filler and botox for £x. Whilst there are rare occasions that I might price match Read the rest of this entry »