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Anti-wrinkle Treatments in Manchester

17th December 2012

As you look in the mirror you may be seeing little signs of ageing settling into your skin…you may look at yourself currently and think “I want to stay this way”. Whatever the reason for the scrutinisation we can discuss your needs and your wants.

If you are seeking a Botox clinic in Manchester we can offer you a convenient appointment at a variety of locations across the city. Why not make an appointment to discuss your requirements with our injector?  We can offer you the very best products within the aesthetics industry, we will discuss what will be the best product and treatment for you and offer a suitable pricing plan whether that is our traditional PAYG or pay monthly.

Botox can be used to treat the frown, forehead and crow’s feet.   Other areas that can be treated include the lower face to counteract the effect that gravity has on the face as well as for eradicating excessive sweating in the armpits.  To book an appointment call our main office on 0151 737 4100