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Liverpool Men Lead Country in Botox Use

13th September 2013

We recently reviewed our data to evaluate how our patients and models were divided by sex, location and volume. This helped us to see if there was any trends evolving in our clinics as well as helping us to get to know our customer base better. The results of the data analysis shows some interesting statistics about our male customers, as seen below:

Location Percentage of Male Patients
Manchester 10%
Liverpool 15%
Lancashire 1%
Cheshire 1%
North Wales 3%

We can see that Liverpool men make up 45% of our male market which is 15% higher than Manchester in second place. The results confirm many people’s perception of Liverpool being a city that takes pride in its appearance as well as maintaining a high quality beauty regime.

Although men do have Botox, women still dominate our client base with 70% of the market.

Lord Sugar’s New Botox Empire

18th July 2013

Having watched a few series of The Apprentice and cringed at how the candidates come across or marvelled at their initiative I was somewhat surprised to see yet another doctor appear on the apprentice. It was inevitable their business plan would be in the administration of Botox. However, Leah’s business plan did not seem to add up. Her numbers were incorrect, I am not sure how she can charge £300 for fillers and 3 areas of Botox on a male patient and still earn £149 profit, that is unless she is trying to use 50 units of Bocouture and half a syringe of a cheap filler. That said, the results would probably not be as good and there would be potentially no returning custom. Exposing these figures on national television has meant a potential disaster for aesthetics clinic across the UK. For the average practitioner is charging £300 for 3 areas and around £299 for a filler, given the profit margins stated by Leah, we are now making £448 profit, which has left some clients shocked.

The comments on twitter yesterday were very interesting, there were suggestions that Leah was far too inexperienced to run a company, having recently trained in aesthetics she was also deemed not to have the required knowledge to set up on her own nor train her proposed new staff. A leading plastic surgeon stated on twitter that she needed to get in-depth training and how all of the work that had been put into making the aesthetics industry a safer environment has just been eradicated in seconds.

There is no doubt that this clinic will ride off the back of the Sugar empire and Leah will already be media trained but questions are raised as to why and how this newly qualified doctor will change the industry for the better. There are thousands of clinics across the country incorporating safe practice already and that is one of the many ethical sides of a Smooth Medical clinic. The other aspects that we can offer our clients is a highly experienced injector who maintains very high standards of care in line with her professional nursing body.  To book an appointment call our main clinic on 0151 737 4100 or contact one of the salons directly.