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Doctors and botox ban…

12th July 2012

Monday 9th July 2011 was a day the nation saw jaws dropping, sharp intakes of breath, a shocked community plus a string of loyal nurses banding together screaming “unfair set up” when Dr Mark Harrison was exposed on one of his training courses advising nurses to break the law when it comes to botox administration.  Many people did not know there were any laws… it’s the prescription only medicine (POM) legislation where it states POMs prescribed for one person should only be used on that person, POMs should be dispensed from a prescription that has been written by a qualified prescriber.  This prescriber doesn’t have to be a doctor, dentists and independent nurse prescribers can also assess a patient and prescribe botox.

The “law breaking” moment saw Dr Harrison being secretly filmed by an undercover nurse, advising her and other delegates to treat patients if they couldn’t contact him and call him retrospectively with the details.  The advise also consisted of obtaining products in the name of friends and family to keep in ‘stock’ to administer to the nurses’ first clients.  The aesthetic nation was torn, some laughed at his misfortune, others felt empathy for a man they had known for years.

So what does this mean for those who work full time in the aesthetics industry administering botox in Liverpool or botox in Manchester?  If you are not a prescriber you need to make sure the person who writes your prescriptions actually physically sees your patient BEFORE you treat them.  Not only this, the prescriber should then write the prescription, send it to the pharmacy and you need to wait until you receive this product before you treat them.  It is impossible to treat patients on the same day.

If you use a doctor who assesses your patients via the telephone or other remote means, they can no longer prescribe this way or they risk losing their professional registration.

Here at Smooth Medical our injectors are prescribers who can assess you and treat you within their professional registration and without risking invalidation of their insurance so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are in safe hands.  Why put your face in the hands of someone else?