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SMOOTH is now Responsive

22nd May 2013

As well as always ensuring that you receive the best possible treatments whenever and wherever you visit SMOOTH Medical, we think that it is important that your online experience is equally well look after.  That is why today, we are proud to launch our new Responsive Website.

What does this mean to you?

In the past, if you visited our website on a mobile phone you would land on a web page that gave you the option to Call Us or to visit the Main Site.  Choosing to visit the Main Site then left you with the difficult task of viewing a website designed for a computer screen on a much smaller phone screen.

Now, regardless of whether you use a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC to browse the internet and visit us online our new website will always display optimised for that device whilst ensuring that you can still access all of the information you want.

Check out the screen shots below to see what we mean.

Desktop View


Tablet View


Phone View